Our Team and Staff

We have a wide variety of health care professionals working to deliver quality healthcare to you or your family member. Heritage Convalescent Center recognizes that having competent, compassionate and dedicated employees are the key to providing high quality service. The primary responsibility for quality care lies with the facility and all who are a part of it.

Registered Nurses and Licensed Vocational Nurses assess and evaluate a resident’s medical condition and provide professional care.

Physical Therapists and Physical Therapy Assistants provide gait, balance and postural training, pain management and individual exercise programs.

Speech/Language Pathologists provide treatment for speech disorders, swallowing difficulties, and language/communication deficits.

Occupational Therapists and Occupational Therapy Assistants provide training in activities of daily living, use of adaptive equipment, fine eye coordination and hand function.

Medical Social Workers assess social and emotional factors and provide follow-up services needed as part of your stay and during the discharge planning process.

Certified Nursing Assistants provide help with bathing and other personal care activities.

Certified Activities Director provides all inclusive recreational activities to meet the needs of our residents.

All of these services are under the direction of a Licensed Administrator.

Please contact us if you have any questions.